What is Western Dressage?

Western Dressage combines classical dressage training principles with the versatility of the western horse. The goal of Western Dressage is true horsemanship and riding skills that maintain your horse's athleticism.  Riders of all levels will focus on position, balance, and the correct use of aids to communicate with their horse. Western Dressage will develop your horse’s flexibility, balance and impulsion. A horse that can reach under himself and lift his back will be a pleasure to ride and will remain sound for years. A horse ridden skillfully and kindly is more willing, and you can learn more advanced movements together whether you want to ride a dressage test, western pleasure, reining, or just safe trail riding.  See more detailed training topics under 'Training Lingo.'

This is video clip has some training pointers included.

Recent Videos

This clip compares the free walk of two quarter horses

Trainer DiDi Lund and Miley at their first western dressage test.  2012

Vicki at her first show!

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