What is the point of teaching a horse to collect?  A horse naturally carries more weight on his forehand.  If you picture his legs as if they were part of a table, his head is then a weight out in front of the table tipping it forward.  If the rider also tips their weight forward they add to the unbalance and it no surprise to see front leg lameness.  If you develop the back and hindquarter muscles, the horse can learn to reach under himself and lighten the load of his forehand.   To do this, the rider has to use their seat and leg to ride the horse up under himself. When the horse finds that balance of stepping under himself and carrying more weight with his rear legs, his shoulders can lift a little and move easily, he is riding collected.  This is horsemanship that will help your horse remain sound.

Easy ways to check your horse's form~

On the trot, your stride 'triangles' should be equal. If the front triangle is bigger, then the front legs are probably carrying more weight.  The hind foot should step half way under the horse's belly.  The hind foot should not leave the ground before the front leg; if it does, the horse is carrying his weight up front.

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