Riding Lessons


We provide lessons for the beginner through advanced rider focusing on the importance of a classically correct seat. Whether you ride English or Western, we will help you communicate clearly with your horse for balanced and correct movement.

For those starting out in horse riding, you or your child will receive a personalized lesson that includes instruction on horse care, grooming, haltering, safe leading, tacking up, and the biomechanics of riding.  Under saddle you will learn how to balance upon your horse and communicate with your horse through your seat and legs, as well as your hands. 


Exercises for balance will occur on a lunge line until you feel you are ready to perform them independently. No two students advance at the same rate, and we will work at your comfort level.   For those that bring their horses to lessons, we will also work on desensitizing your horse to a variety of conditions while under saddle. 

For the intermediate student who currently rides and wants to expand their ability or learn a new dispcline, we will further develop a stong, deep and effective seat. Excercises will develop your balance and strength, as well as your particular discipline. Whether you are riding a pattern or approaching a jump, you need to rate your speed, perform lead changes, and shift your weight at the precise moment. To reach this goal, the rider needs to maintain their position over the horse's center of gravity at all times, which means the rider must be comfortable enough to move their weight throughout turns and transitions, yet still maintain proper form.
When you reach this balance level, your confidence with the horse will take off. You will truly enjoy your horse! Many of our clients are adult owners who want to become more confident and enjoy their horse again. You may ride our horses during lessons, load in your own, or board on site.

Lessons are available in all-around horsemanship, HUS, dressage, western dressage, and hunt/jump to 3'. 


One Hour Private Lesson ~ $40

One Half-Hour Private Lessons ~ $20

One Hour Lesson with a Friend ~ $30 per person

Group Lesson of 3 or 4 ~ $20 per person


You may load in your horse at no charge.

Additional $10 for use of our horse.


Call DiDi Lund at Cell #760-473-5206 or Email 


Please show up with adequate time to groom and tack your horse before your lesson and plan to spend time properly cooling down and caring for your horse and equipment after your lesson. If you do not wish to tack up a horse, an additional $5 fee is available for this service. Please wear a helmet, boots and form fitting clothes so that we can see your arm and leg position while riding.

Horse Training

Do you want to take your horse to a higher level of ability? Move up to a higher show level? Work through an issue you are struggling with? Feel safe on trail rides?


We offer single training sessions for $20. You may load in at our facility and we will work through an issue with your horse. You may combine this with a lesson to ensure your horse understands your communication.

If you are looking for a solid foundation on your horse, we can provide that as well. We will teach your horse ground manners and easy cues for walk-trot-canter that will allow you to enjoy your horse again!


Your horse can join us for partial training consisting of 4 rides per week at $250 per month, or full training consisting or 6 rides per week with a lesson at $400 per month. (Board not included.)

If your goal is showing in an open show or breed show, dressage or jumping, we can help you and your horse reach that level.  Located 15 minutes south of Columbus, we are within easy travel distance to AQHA, APHA and dressage several schooling shows in Ohio. Join our show group for show prep, coaching and


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  • Lessons for
    Lessons for
  • A regular lesson rider who brings her own horse.
    A regular lesson rider who brings her own horse.
  • From newborn colt ...
    From newborn colt ...
  • To curious yearling ...
    To curious yearling ...
  • Starting under saddle at 2 ...
    Starting under saddle at 2 ...
  • DiDi has trained Miley for the past year and the won a WDAA World Championship!
    DiDi has trained Miley for the past year and the won a WDAA World Championship!
  • KC was born with us and DiDi started her under saddle.
    KC was born with us and DiDi started her under saddle.

What Should you be learning in riding lessons?

Lessons are not just about riding, you should be learning how to catch, halter, lead and work on the ground with your horse.  Your instructor should teach you to approach a horse at the shoulder for safety, how to put on halter, lead a horse at an appropriate speed, and how to gain respect from the horse on the ground.  The horse should walk when you walk, stop when you stop, and back up when you back up.  A horse should never pull against you or step on your feet. 


Your horse should stand patiently while you toss a lead line over their neck, back and hind quarters.  You should be able to rub the horse all over with a riding crop or carrot stick.  They should stand queitly for grooming and picking hooves.  Do not make excuses for your horses - every horse can do this.


Your instructor should also teach you how to lunge a horse. Your horse should walk on a circle, transition to trot on command, remain at the trot until you cue for a walk or halt.  A horse that respects you on the ground and responds to your direction is a pleasure to work with under saddle.  A horse that ignores you on the ground will also ignore you under saddle. 

What are the different riding disciplines?

English Disciplines


Hunter Under Saddle - The horse and rider are judged on their form and communication in walk, trot, and canter while riding on the rail. 


English Equitation - Similar to HUS, however more emphasis is placed upon the rider's skill.  The class often contains patterns and the rider must transition at precise places in the pattern. 


Hunter Hack and Jumping -  Patterns with jumps that start at 18" and can range up to 5'.   Open shows and breed shows include jumping up to 3'.


Dressage - English riding that includes judging the horse and rider on several pattern levels of schooling moves such as shoulder in, side passing, and flying lead changes.  The movements in dressage are the basics of horse training for any discipline, western or english. 


Eventing - Combines dressage with jumping in a cross-country course.


Western Disciplines


Western Pleasure - The horse and rider are judged on their form and communication in walk, jog and lope while riding on the rail.


Horsemanship and Western Riding - Like English Equitation, these are pattern classes and the rider is judged on the precision of their transitions.  Horsemanship is walk-trot-canter.  Western Riding adds the challenge of flying lead changes.


Reining - A higher level of challenge than Western Riding, Reining adds in spins, roll backs and slides in addition to flying lead changes.


Western Dressage - As the name implies, the rider is in western tack while working dressage patterns.


Trail - Horse and Rider and judged on how the horse works through an obstacle course. 


Speed Events - Judged soley on time, speed events include barrel racing, pole bending and flag race.


Showmanship - A handler is judged on how they lead a horse at halter through a pattern and set their horse up for inspection.  While this is not a confirmation class, grooming and presentation are judged. 

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